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Khashayar Sarbazvatan (born on August 31, 1989, in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian musician, Producer and composer with the artistic name of Catchybeatz, who started his professional artistic career in 2010.

Catchybeatz was born in Tehran and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He entered the music scene at the age of 16 and began composing at that age.

He continued to compose independently until the age of 19, and at the age of 19, he began collaborating with Rajaz which was a HipHop band founded by Sina Mafee and Sina Sae . 
In 2010 he joined with Rajaz and jointly founded Tik Taak Band with his teammates. 
Tik Taak was one of the pioneers in new school hip hop back in 2011 and influenced the whole Persian-hip hop culture by bringing in new ideas and influence younger generation in many ways.
His primary role in the band was the main producer and also recording artist in the band. 
By 2012 he worked as studio supervisor in EMA company based in Dubai,UAE.
He also worked with so many stablished Artists like Zedbazi, Yas, Sogand and many more. 
He produced and co-produced so many hit records for his band and other bands like 25band and many other artists by 2013.

In 2014 he started to share his knowledge and experience with so many younger producers. Therefore he started to teach electronic music production bootcamps and he is one of the pioneers in educating younger producers. 

He jointly updated the bootcamp’s method with his teammate Sina Mafee for optimizing the bootcamp’s methods, therefore they invited one the best producers in Persian music industry to join the EMT bootcamps as an instructor. Mehrad Hidden joined the team and he brought his own updates and experiences to effect.

We have to also mention his role in educating the generation in music business knowledge such as royalties, rights, roles and so many other important aspects in industry which led so many indie artists to get inspired and to work independently.

Today Catchybeatz is working solo and independent he also collaborated with so many great artists such as : Behzad Leito, Sohrab MJ, Mehrad Hidden, Yas, Sepehr Khalse, Putak,  Poobon, Alireza JJ, Sijal, The Wantons and many more…


Amir Sina Mafee (born July 6, 1988, in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian rapper and composer with the artistic name of Sina Mafee.
He started his professional activity in Rap/Hip hop genre in 2006 and he joined the "Tik Taak" musical group in 2011.
In addition to writing poetry and singing rap, he started his career in the field of digital composition in 2011, and several famous kinds of musics of the "Tik Taak" group have been composed by him.
Mafee has been very interested in music since he was a teenager and began to learn to play various musical instruments, of which he has a high proficiency in playing the piano.


This ability has led him to play a lot of piano music and he has released them as non-verbal music.  These songs have been highly regarded by piano lovers and a large number of Sina fans refer to him as one of the best Iranian pianists.
He became very interested in rap and hip hop music as a teenager, and since he had already started learning to play some musical instruments, he decided to learn how to work with electronic music instruments as well, and this he taught the subject to such an extent that he also learned how to make bits with electronic devices such as laptops.
Sina Mafee explains a lot about these specialized music lessons in her classes and is known as one of the famous and professional professors of electronic music teaching in Tehran.
Mafee is one of the second generation of Persian rap and Hip hop rappers who has done a lot of activities in the field of rap and hip hop style in recent years, and many of his works have become great honors him, which is only for him.
Sina started teaching composition in 2014 with a member of the "Tik Taak" group named "Khashayar SR" or "Catchybeatz", and these training classes continue to this day.
He started his career in the field of video making and documentaries in 2016, and prepared several high-profile music videos for the "Tik Taak" group, one of the most famous of which is "Dige Nemibine Mano".
Mafee also produced a documentary called "42" for "Mehrad Hidden", a well-known Iranian rapper, which was widely acclaimed by fans of Persian rap and underground rap.

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Soheyl Alikhani (born January 18, 1994, in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian musician and composer with the artistic name of Soalk, who started his professional artistic career in 2018.

Soalk was born in Tehran and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.  He immigrated to London at the age of 17 but returned to Iran for personal reasons and immigrated to Canada permanently at the age of 25.

He entered the music scene at the age of 16 and began composing at that age. He continued to compose independently until the age of 24, and at the age of 24, he began collaborating with Khashayar SR.  At the age of 26, Soalk released his debut album "Etesali" with Illnoiz and Khashayar SR, at the Persian Rap Market under the CatchyBeatz label. He has had several collaborations with famous rap artists such as Behzad Leito, Reza Pishro, Sepehr Khalse, Sohrab Mj, Sijal, Alireza JJ, and Gdaal.

In addition to composing, he is the manager of artists such as CatchyBeatz (since 2020), Poobon (since 2021), and Behzad Leito (since 2021).

Other collaborations of Soalk include Persian rappers of the 4th generation, such as Isam and Chvrsi. He is a certified composer from Vivid Sounds, Cubase, and a professional technician in Tehran.

Ilia fotouhi (born august 30th, 2000, in Terran, Iran) aka !llnoiz is an Iranian music producer and songwriter who officially started his career in 2019.
!llnoiz currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He has worked with a number of well known persian rap artists such as Catchybeatz

( khashayar sr), Sina Mafee, Behzad leito, Sepehr Khalse ect…

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He started his career with mentorship of Catchybeatz after he learned about the creative process of Catchybeatz team. 
With catchy’s  teaching he was able to develop his creative skills to produce hit songs such as “Dardesar” , “Gang” , “Jake paul” and many more.
As of today he is one of the EMT bootcamp instructeurs teaching tens of students about music production.

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